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feature129 years with a ton of cruises under our belt has really taught us what people want in the way of entertainment and value for their dollar. We are now taking our cruises up a notch by having “headliner” and award-winning Blues acts (either local or interstate) perform on our Blues on the Water cruises. Being a Blues fan is not a pre-requisite for enjoying our cruises.  Think Ray Charles shaking his tail feather in the Blues Brothers movie or great guitarists such as BB King, Buddy Guy or Stevie Ray Vaughan because that’s the type of music you will be listening to.  You might even find yourself on the dance floor performing some of your old school dance moves. The people who join us on our cruises are friendly and not afraid to have a good time – so organise a group for your “special event!” From $90 per person for a 4-hour cruise on the spectacular Sydney Harbour with entertainment, this has to be the best value show in town. Our cruises depart Darling Harbour at 11.45am (afternoon cruise) or 7pm (evening cruise) and you will see all the tourist hotspots from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House to Russell Crowe’s digs at Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo.  There is a bar onboard that sells drinks that are reasonably priced and we finger food is served during the cruise. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 4294 9861 or (0414) 854 749 or contact us here and we will respond as quickly as we can.